‘On the Lot’ FOX Reality TV Series

Ben recently starred in FOX’s ‘On the Lot’ TV series, acting in short films by Director and contestant Trever James, shown on episodes 3 and 5. ‘On the Lot’ is a Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg production that is an ‘American Idol’ styled reality TV competition. The contestants are film directors competing for a one million dollar contract with DreamWorks. The series is shown nationally on the FOX network in the USA and in other countries.

‘On The Lot’ Episode 5 (June 6th, ’07)

As one of 15 finalists Trever James submitted a 3 minute film, ‘Teri (Blind Date)’. The film features Ben playing a down to earth guy with an Australian accent, named ‘Ben’.., imagining the worst while he waits for his date, Teri, to turn up. On the show the panel of 3 film-experienced judges gave Trever’s film praise and criticism. Outspoken judge, Gary Marshall, had this to say about Ben’s performance:

“..the lead was excellent in this…”, Garry Marshall (‘On The Lot’ Judge & Director of ‘Pretty Woman’, etc.)

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Also noteworthy for being one of the few praises of particular actors by judges in this series. Watch ‘Teri’ above and Ben’s other videos including the other ‘On The Lot’ short film, A Golf Story, and Ben’s showreel, click here